Our investment in our premises along with using the world’s most technologically advanced orthodontic equipment and materials, combined with our highly skilled and experienced team goes further towards ensuring our patients are afforded the absolute best, most comfortable and fast orthodontic results available.

Modern orthodontic procedures are more comfortable than ever however we understand that some patients can be a little more anxious than others.

In order to help make your or your child’s experience as enjoyable as possible, our team provides the most calming, relaxing and pleasant environment possible.

This includes;

  • State-of-the-art dental chairs that not only mold to your body but can be maneuvered to ensure you’re always in the most comfortable position
  • Commercial grade soundproofing of our treatment rooms afford you complete privacy and discretion
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation (Happy Gas) is also available if required


This ensures all our instruments are completely sterilised for your safety and ours.

Digital x-rays

Both radiographs can be taken in our surgery for your convenience.

Built with German precision and utilising cutting edge ‘digital’ technology, a super accurate picture is produced compared to traditional ‘film’ x-rays.

Digital radiographs can be enhanced, enlarged, printed and emailed if required.

The more accurate the radiograph, the more accurate the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Digital radiographs provide the added safety of significantly reduced exposure to potentially harmful radiation compared to traditional film radiographs.

iTero 3D Digital Intraoral Colour Scanner

This amazing scanner allows a 3D image of your teeth and bite to be replicated in minutes. This replaces the need for uncomfortable alginate impressions of your teeth. It also creates a simulated outcome (simulation) within seconds, to help you visualise what your alignment and bite could look like.